Wart fact and fiction

Warts are generally small, rough and hard growths on the human body which has the same colour as the rest of the skin. It is largely caused by human papillomavirus. Most of which don’t cause any symptoms and resolve spontaneously. Others may lead to health problems like genital warts and cancer. Most of the warts are non-cancerous. Various factors attribute to the formation of warts on the human body, such as usage of public showers, handling meat, eczema and deprived immunity. However, genital warts are sexually transmitted.

Fact and fiction

Due to the ignorance of the people around the world about the origin, spread and the treatment of warts, there are a lot of myths that surround it. The following article will help you clear some of the famous and common wart myths regarding various aspects of this disease.

  • Fiction-All types of warts cause cancer

Fact- Just because a pap test (commonly accepted screening to prevent cervical cancer) shows some abnormality, the patient should not be quick in assuming that he/she has cancer. Doctors quote that this is only one potential cause and the result may also be due to a mistake in the preparation of the sample.

  • Fiction- Condom use prevents HPV and hence the formation of warts

Fact- Condom use does not necessarily prevent HPV, which most commonly spreads through skin contact rather than bodily fluid. The virus can also be contracted through any crack in the skin.

  • Fiction- The warts go away on their own

Fact- During the initial stages, the human body tries to fight the HPV which may result in the warts disappearing. This can usually take one or two years to completely disappear. It is best that a doctor is consulted regarding this at the earliest.

  • Fiction- Warts have roots

Fact- This is one of the most common wart myths there are. Warts definitely do not have seeds or roots. The black dots that are visible within the translucent warts are nothing but some tiny blood vessels along that direction.


Warts, though small, should not to be taken lightly. It is recommended that a doctor be consulted at the earliest possible occasion. The internet also helps the person understand the disease, its cause and also the risks involved if it’s not treated at the earliest. The above article sheds some light on the common wart myths circulating around the internet right now, thus attempting to separate fact from fiction.

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