Top Tips To Choose Lens According To Your Need

Buying right lens for you is extremely important as it ensures four essentials factors like the look, comfort, right visualisation, and safety. Therefore before you buy glasses, you need to check a few points to be at the safer side.

Check The Material

Gone are those days when the glass was the only option for best quality prescription lenses. But with the advent of technology, nowadays different materials are used for making best quality lenses. For example, plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses, high index plastic lenses, etc are now widely available and they are offering quality service.

Looking For Thinner Lenses? Check Refractive Index

If you need to wear the glasses round the clock, you will feel comfortable more in thinner lenses.  A lens made of material with high refractive index will offer you super thinner texture.  Before you finalise your lenses, check its refractive index and compare the other popular options. Go for the lowest refractive index material.

Opt For Aspheric Design

Besides, lens’ material, the aspheric design is one of the vital points for glassware comfort. According to technology, these lenses are flatter than spherical lenses and these aspheric lenses induce less unwanted magnification of the wearer’s eye and it creates a better appearance. Mostly high index plastic lenses like Oakley glasses are made with aspheric designs.

Essential Eyeglass Lenses Treatment

Besides lens’ material it is important to check lens treatment as well. Some of the essential lens treatments that offer extra comfort for users are narrated here.

Anti-scratch coating: This treatment ensures extra protection for lenses that prevents scratch abrasion. As a result, it enhances lenses’ durability.

Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective coating reduces reflections in lenses that trim down contrast and clarity, especially at night. The anti-reflective coating also makes lenses almost invisible, so users can enjoy better eye contact and people around hardly get distracted by reflections in lenses.

Photochromic treatment: Lenses with this treatment become dark against sun exposure and work as sunglasses. The colour becomes normal when the glasses are taken indoor.

UV Blocking Treatment: Unwanted exposure to sun’s UV ray has been detected as one of the main reasons behind macular disease and forming a cataract. Lenses with UV-blocking treatment ensure better safety of eyes.

These are the vital checklist you need to verify before deciding on your lens. Lenses fulfilling all these issues will offer you a better level of safety and comfort for your eyes which is essentially important for eye care.


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