The noteworthy positive traits of Semax

Semax is identified as a medication that is used for preventing and treating circulatory problems in Russia. It is also used in the form of a cognitive enhancer. This is a novice heptapeptide nootropic that has similarities in potency with Noopept powder. This medication was established by the Institute of Molecular Genetics in the year 1982. It was formerly used for treating stroke victims who suffered brain damage but it was later used for endorsing important cognitive improvement in healthy people too. This medication does its work by stimulating people’s CNS and it augments focus, physical and mental performance, memory, and analytical skills.

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However, the use of the neuropeptide Semax is considered considerably safer compared to other stimulants and it doesn’t cause adverse side effects like Ephedrine, Ritalin or Adderall. This drug is generally used in Ukraine and Russia for a huge range of conditions but mostly for its supposed neuroprotective, neurorestorative, and neurogenic characteristics. This medication hasn’t been assessed, marketed or has got approval for use in other nations, like the USA. Its medical uses comprise of treating an ischemic attack, peptide ulcers, cognitive disorders, transient ischemic attack, optic nerve disease and boosting the immune system.

Proper dosages

The effectual dosage of this medication is 1000x lower compared to Piracetam by weight. This medication is generally sold in 0.1 percent or 1 percent nasal spray solution and it is found in bottles of 3 ml capacity that contain 60 doses. Though it is exclusive to other nootropic pills or powders that people ingest orally, you should not avoid this drug only for this reason. This medication is more effective when you absorb it into your system through the nasal mucous membrane instead of getting it passed via your digestive system.

The proper dosage of this medication for cognitive enhancement is 2-3 drops of 0.1 percent in each nostril to be taken two times daily. It is equal to 50 mcg of the active constituent/spray, which means, 200 mcg of this medication/dosing. Users actually require a dosage of this medication daily because it has got a long half-life that ranges from 12 hours to one day. Therefore, you are requested to cycle this compound for 2 weeks at one time prior to taking a break for 2 weeks and then you can start again. The 1 percent drop solution should be used by the stroke victims and they shouldn’t take it for more than 2 weeks continuously.

No adverse side effects

Though this medication is extremely powerful, the use of the neuropeptide Semax fetches no severe side effects. Users do not experience any sign of addiction or signs of withdrawal from the use of this drug. It has got a unique low toxicity level both in the users’ brain and liver. Nonetheless, it is vital to recollect that this drug is still a novice nootropic that has been used less among other brain-enhancing compounds. This is the reason there are only some users who can determine its safety.

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