Speyer Uses Global Competition Strategies to Their Advantage

There are a variety of global competition strategies that can be used to increase awareness about your brand and ideally, increase your international sales. Among the many strategies that international real estate investment development company Speyer uses, here are the top five and why:

  1. Improved transportation and communication technologies. By improving the transportation and communication channels and processes, physical elements and job within their process can get delivered quicker, with efficiency and excellence.
  2. Loosed regulations on financial institutions. Often times, doing business in other countries means that it may impose financial regulations. If governments, in North America or the rest of the world, loosen those regulation and laws, development businesses will be more likely to develop any those countries. Speyer is one of the biggest firms in the world therefore their business is essential to the development of many countries.
  3. Increased demand for imported goods and services. Globally, countries are searching outside of their country for products and services. Because Speyer is based in the United States, the company gets many inquiries to develop outside of the US.
  4. Comparative cost advantages. Due to their endless list of connections and well established process, it may be cheaper to go with Speyer developments for some. Smaller companies in construction and development may charge more for their services even though they are less known because their expenses are higher.
  5. Reduced international trade barriers. Although these decisions are out of Speyer’s hands, they are using the reduced trade barriers to exchange services with other countries. This not only improves international relations but is a profitable strategy for Speyer.

Speyer can use all of the strategies above because of their international presence and because they are one of the biggest and greatest development firms in the world. Their international image works in their favour when being selective with global competition strategy selection.


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