Social Crowdfunding: 5 Ways to Keep Recurring Donors Interested

If you’re running an NGO or working at one, you’re sure to be familiar with the tedious, often frustrating task of finding and roping in recurring donors. There’s thousands of NGOs to compete with. You have to make sure your cause stands out, that your appeal is unique enough to be noticed. Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru help make this process easier by letting you quickly reach out to hundreds of potential donors on social media.

But that’s not the end of it. Your NGO needs a stable source of income all year round to keep projects running smoothly. You need to constantly work to keep the donors you did get interested. You need to find different ways to engage with them and make them feel involved. Here are 5 ways to do it right:

Tell them about their impact: Your donors want to feel the satisfaction of the impact they’re making. Show them how each donation is helping! Use social media and emails to tell them personal stories every month after their donation is made. Try assigning a particular beneficiary to each donor so they can build a sense of familiarity and make their experience more personal.

Get beneficiaries to create a video message: You don’t need a great video team to pull this off. Using your phone alone, you can shoot a simple video where a person that is impacted from your project can say a thank you to their donor (consider doing this for major donors at least).

Send them a card: or anything they can keep to remember you. It can be a virtual badge, an e-card or if your budget can afford it (for bigger donors), perhaps a cup or a note.

Celebratory email/perks after project closes: Once your crowdfunding India campaign ends successfully, you need to celebrate with your donors, who helped make it happen! Populate their social media and inbox! Depending on the kind of NGO you work with, try sending a personalized gift to the donors. For example, if you work with an NGO that does handicrafts, you could send a little souvenir handmade by the community that benefited.

Keep your interaction personal: Don’t go overboard with email designs and formats. Keep it as simple and basic and address the donor personally. You want to make your interaction look as personal as you can so donors know you’re taking the time to engage with each of them.

Invite them to events: Or simply to the field to volunteer or interact with volunteers. You may have donors from all around the world but it’s still important to give them a chance to see the difference they’re making. Get locally based donors who visit to write a blog or shoot a video about their experience so that your other donors can get a review!

Crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru have been paramount in helping NGOs expand their donor base quickly and get a global following. You can start today!

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