Santamedical Launched Advanced Electronic Pulse Massager for Chronic Pain

Santamedical has launched an advanced electronic pulse massager for chronic pain that adheres in joints and muscles of the body. This device is very effective in relieving such pains. The tens unit therapy is one of the great electrotherapy available for such pains. This electronic pulse massager calms the muscles and nerve pains in just one go. It can come handy for the person’s who go for regular gym and training exercises. It acts as a stress stopper by taking care of the muscles of the elbow, thigh, calf, knee, wrist, shoulder, neck, arm, lower and upper back etc. With all these available places of response, this Electronic Pulse Massager is well designed for one’s all over the body pain and therefore it is referred to as Pain Relief Device.

Features of Electronic Pulse Massager

  • Instant pain relief device.
  • It is equipped with six auto modes i.e. six stimulation programs.
  • It comes up with high-frequency stimulation for the patients to relieve their pain instantly.
  • It has a fully adjustable system for its intensity and speed factor.
  • Comes up with four AAA batteries of power 6V DC.
  • It is one of the most simple tens unit massagers with being one of the most advanced tens unit massagers at the time.
  • It is helpful for chronic pain, stiffness, muscle soreness and stress.
  • It offers three selectable massages.
  • The LCD on the device helps the user to keep a tap on the intensity, time remaining and massage style.
  • It weighs only 5.3 ounces only and hence is lightweight, portable and small in size. Its shape and size are similar to that of a remote control.


This Electronic Pulse Massager comes up with five types of automated programmable massage settings for user’s best comfort. It takes away leading pain of many individuals within seconds and has been very effective when compared to other Pain Relief Devices. Santa medical is an FDA approved firm with an image of manufacturing durable and high-end quality products for masses. Hence the device is ensured to be high on quality and on deliveries too. The bottom line is that Electronic Pulse Massager is a must for Pain Relief Device, and Santa medical has provided the masses with one.

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