Review of 7 Cups of Tea – An honest opinion on how it assists people

It took me some time to come to terms with the kind of mental health issue I was suffering from. I kept juggling between whether to seek help of a professional or not. Apart from looking into my mind and life of someone who is filled with depression and anxiety, I started believing that there are many other things that I can do. That may even mean experimenting and exploring with different therapies and coping skills which are easily accessible to people who aren’t able to afford the traditional options.

As I knew that medicines are pretty costly and so is talk therapy, where could I get mental support? Then I came across where I came to know about 7 Cups of Tea and how they’ve been helping people seeking mental support. As I have gained success after seeking help of them, here are the few good points about them that I can share with you.

The Good about 7 Cups of Tea

  • By now the first question that might have come to your mind is about whether or not it is an affordable and reasonable therapy. Majority of the features that they host are available at free of cost for the users. However, when you seek unlimited access to the professional counselors, this service will come along with a fee. From all that I have gained knowledge on 7 Cups of Tea, this too was a free service but now it will cost you a minimum amount of $150 in a month.
  • You may get the paid service within the 3-day trial. Although there are some who might go through difficulties while they cancel their membership but this is not something that everyone faces.
  • You’ll get everything online and hence you needn’t worry about traveling from one place to another for pursuing help.
  • Due to its perfect privacy, you can remain anonymous. You won’t require identifying yourself in front of the public which is something I loved because I was pretty shy to expose to people about my mental health problems.
  • If you get the unlimited therapy service, you’re allowed to post as much as you want to in the chat thread with the therapist.
  • There’s a forum or community where you can stay connected with others who may have been dealing with similar issues.

Hence, if you’re someone who has been facing mental health issues, you can seek help of 7 Cups of Tea just as I did and just as I gained successful results.

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