Questions to Ask Your Dental Implant Specialist before Getting Dental Implants

Missing or chipped teeth reduce your self-confidence and potential to experience your life to the fullest. You will be pushed to a situation where you are self-conscious on your smile, and this makes you feel more uncomfortable. So, the best way to get out of this grim situation is considering dental implants in Melbourne. If you have planned to get dental implants in Melbourne, ask the following questions to your dentist to gain confidence and enjoy your life.

Question #1

How do you figure out whether I am a genuine option for dental implants?

To conclude that you are a good candidate for dental implants, the implant professional considers the following factors.

  • Having single or many missing teeth
  • Having difficulty in chewing
  • Having loose teeth
  • Having loose dentures
  • Non-smoker

However, during your initial implant consultation, your dentist lets you know about the various implant options available to make a more informed decision.

Question #2

How many surgical procedures should I go through for tooth extraction and implant placement?

Nowadays, most of the dental implant professionals do uprooting and fast placement of the dental implants in a single visit. But, there are a few dentists who do not stick to this plan. They may take various dates for extracting your teeth, allowing the wound to heal, placement of abutment, deployment of implants and more. This may initiate various meetings and many Oral Conscious Sedation months to have your implants placed.

Question #3

Are there any sedation options available?

Implant professionals offer two types of sedation options to calm patients while getting tooth implants in Melbourne.

This includes,

  • IV Sedation
  • Oral Conscious Sedation

Question #4

What are the benefits of choosing a dental implant specialist?

Today, most of the general dentists offer dental implant service for their patients, but they may lack the adequate knowledge and experience required to perform the surgery. Whereas, the dental implant specialists are the ones who have had additional training to put dental implants have experienced three to four extra years of practice after finishing four years of dental school. That makes them well competent for performing dental implant surgery and prevents significant consequences or difficulties connected with them.

Question #5

Are dental implants long lasting?

When placed by an implant professional, the lifetime of dental implants is more compared to the ones placed by dentists without proper training and experience. Other factors that determine the longevity of implants in the medical placing of dental implants in Melbourne includes,

  • Restoration
  • Maintenance

Also, the average success rate of dental implants is 98{9da26cf3497ba2f013cbf96c05f61a8426bd3e4a1445057e38e82463f88bc8d5} to lower implants and higher than 94{9da26cf3497ba2f013cbf96c05f61a8426bd3e4a1445057e38e82463f88bc8d5} completion rate for upper implants.

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