Qualities to Become a Good Certified Nursing Assistant

To start practicing as a Certified Nursing Assistant, it is very important to have at least 75 hours training from a state recognized centers along with the competency exam. To take nursing as a health care profession, it takes a lot of passion, empathy, dedication and eagerness to earn knowledge. CNAs not only provides basic care to their patients in the hospitals and care centers but they also help them at home.

It is also very important for a Nursing assistant to learn to manage time well so that they can perform their duties efficiently. Learn more here to understand the qualities that helps Nursing assistants to succeed in their field:

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  1. It is important to Check and measure the vitals of the patient carefully. It is a crucial task and has to be documented properly. If the vitals are not normal then the nursing assistant must inform the doctorimmediately as it may risk patient’s life.
  2. The CNA must clarify with the seniors if there is any confusion about issue. The task of assistants is very challenging and it is their quality to handle daily issues efficiently, a small mistake can get dangerous consequences to the patient.
  3. Nursing assistant always have to keep a positive attitude as sometimes their job can be very stressful and competitive.
  4. The CNAs have to respect and understand the need of patients very carefully.
  5. Being friendly and humble with sub-ordinates, patients andseniors is also an important quality of a good Nursing assistant.
  6. Maintain good reputation with patients and their relatives is also very important as it helps to build patient’s confidence in the hospital and makes easier for patients to recover.

The CNAS who possess above mentioned qualities can become an excellent CNA.

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