Prominent Benefits of Thread Lift Over Facelift Surgery

Not very long ago, a procedure known as facelift surgery was the only way to deal with problems of facial skin such as drooping cheeks and jowls. After all, only a scalpel could remove loose skin.

However, not everyone can or is willing to undergo a surgery. If you come under this category, the good news for you is that a new procedure has been invented to fill in the gap between nonsurgical facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery. It is “thread lift”!

If you haven’t heard about it or only heard about it but don’t really know what it is, it’s a procedure in which the skin is given a subtle yet noticeable “lift” with temporary sutures.

Rather than cutting off the loose facial skin surgically, the cosmetic surgeon merely hangs it up by stitching its portions. With this the skin is pulled back a bit and thus looks lifted and tightened.

Apart from being perfect for lifting the skin, threads fight aging in one more way, i.e. by inducing the “healing response” of the body and making the body direct big floods of collagen towards the treated areas.

Since collagen plays a vital role in stopping the aging process, this effect of thread lift is very important.

Benefits of Thread Lift Over Facelift

Perhaps the biggest benefit of thread lift for many patients over facelift is the great reduction of recovery time.

During a facelift surgery, the patient should be heavily sedated. So, she should arrange someone who can drive her home from the hospital.

Also around the clock assistance by a caregiver is required for most facelift patients for at least three days following the surgery.

Plus, if the patient has children, she may even require childcare assistance.

Facelift patients are also often required to get a week or two off from work, in order to heal.

On the other hand, recovery after a thread lift is relatively easy. The procedure can be done under local and not general anaesthesia.

So, the patients can drive home on their own and take care of themselves just after the procedure.

Although a few patients may experience a bit of redness, swelling and soreness after a thread lift and hence may wish to rest for the remaining day, most others can resume work immediately.

There is hardly any need of a strong pain medication following a thread lift, because of which patients can easily return to their normal life.

Therefore thread lift is perfect for those having children or having a very busy and arduous career.

Although recovery after a thread lift is not specifically intensive, patients should take a few small precautions during the healing process.

For example, you should not rub your face forcefully while cleaning it or applying a moisturiser for minimum one week after the threads are placed.

You must also keep your head a bit up so as to avoid rolling over straight onto your face while sleeping.

Thread lift Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne carries low risk, thanks to its non-invasiveness. It has almost no risk of severe bruising, scarring, bleeding or other problems after the surgery.

Rarely, patients may get infection or irritation or the sutures may be visible outside. In such a condition, your surgeon will simply remove the sutures and your face will come in its earlier state.

Last but not the least, since thread lifts can be performed much more easily than facelift surgery, they are much more reasonable.

Although a thread lift is very advantageous, your expectations from it should be realistic. While the procedure produces noticeable changes, generally the face is lifted only by a few millimeters.

Thread lifts create a more natural and subtle effect than a facelift surgery. Therefore they are best suited to those who are trying to manage mild to moderate, and not severe, signs of skin laxity. An anti-wrinkle treatment Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is also a good option that can be considered.

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