Do Orthotics Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the most common problem that is going to cause you to feel pain in your heel. The plantar fasciitis is the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes and it supports the arch of your foot. The experts at foot clinic Maroubra Sydney can help you with your problem if your plantar fasciitis happens to be swollen, irritated, or if it simply weakened over the years.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

There are a couple of different causes when it comes to plantar fasciitis, and the most common ones are bad shoes, walking barefoot, or simply not walking at all or suddenly walking or running too much because your plantar fascia is not used to that amount of stress.

Know what you are dealing with before searching for a cure

Another common cause of plantar fasciitis is obesity as your feet are the pillars of the body, and if it happens to be heavy, not only your plantar fascia but a couple of other parts are going to experience real damage that can develop into some serious issues.

Are you sure you have plantar fasciitis?

Since this is not the only possible problem you could face when it comes to pain in legs, there are a couple of common questions that you can use in order to quiz yourself to determinate if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Does the pain begin after ten or fifteen minutes when walking? Does it hurt more as you continue walking? Does the pain occur when you stand on the tip of your toes? Does the pain show up as you start climbing stairs? Do you experience pain in both of your feet? If you happened to answer positively to some of these questions, then you could be indeed facing plantar fasciitis.

In case you would like to confirm this self-diagnosis, you can check out Podiatrist Kensington from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. You will definitely find all the information when it comes to taking care of your lower extremities, as well as some other helpful medical information from real professionals.

Can I treat plantar fasciitis with orthotics?

As this is the main question you are probably looking the answer for, the answer can be varied on your condition, and the construction of your foot. In most cases, the orthotics are definitely going to help you, however, you will have to get yourself a pair of custom orthotics.

Visit your podiatrist if you have any kind of leg pain

Custom orthotics are specially designed to match your foot. They are made by taking a mold sample of your foot, so not only they are going to help your plantar fasciitis, but they will fix some other issues you might be facing without even knowing about them.

Be alert that in some cases, not even the custom orthotics can help out your condition, but instead you would have to take things to the surgical solution. These procedures are very safe, however, the recovery time of your foot or feet may take a couple of weeks as well as the special care that comes along with the recovery.

Final Word

Before you decide to go for the ultimatum of taking the surgical procedure in order to fix your plantar fasciitis, you should definitely talk to some specialists in the podiatry field such as the ones mentioned earlier in the article. It is always best to be sure about the options that are available to you when it comes to treating an issue related to your health and your body.

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