Know the Different Types of Dental Implants Available

Dental Implants are the artificial root placed in the jawbones to replace your missing tooth. This treatment involves the use of a root and a crown. The implants act as the artificial root and the crown serve as the artificial tooth. Dental implants in Sydney are flexible, with various types of dental implant replacements procedures available depending on the particular teeth replacement needs of the patient.  The most common types of dental implants in Sydney include:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement
  • Full Arch Replacement

Initially, your dentist will review the condition of your oral health and suggest the most appropriate dental implants procedure in Sydney that suits your needs.

Single Tooth Replacement

Before starting the dental implants procedure, your dentist will examine the problematic site and takes a necessary number of x-rays to prepare for the proceedings.

The next step is to fix the implants onto your jaw. During the installation, the implant made of titanium is fixed on the site, and a temporary tooth is placed on the implant that allows you function and usually eat like before the surgery. Then the implant is allowed to heal for few months.

Once the implant integrates with the jawbones, the temporary tooth placed on the implant is replaced by a permanent ceramic tooth. This porcelain crown will last for your lifetime if proper care is taken.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Multiple tooth replacement is done for the patients who need to fix more than one tooth using implant surgery. Here the dentist will use two or more implants in the form of anchors to replace a section of three or more teeth.

During multiple tooth replacement treatment, after examining the condition of the site, the dentist will insert the implants to the jaw and place the temporary tooth on the implants. Then it is left to heal for few months. The period of the healing process will vary depending on the affected teeth and the oral health of the patient.

Once the implants integrate with your jawbones, the set of new permanent teeth will be inserted on the implants. These new teeth will be healthy as like your natural teeth. So you can eat all the foods you like, with the help of these new teeth.

Full Arch Replacement

Initially, the dentist will replace your tooth root using the implants. Often five implants are used during full arch replacement procedure. After placing the implants, temporary teeth are placed on the implants that help you to eat as usual.

After the healing takes place, the final bridge is installed on top of the implants. This full arch replacement method takes nearly two to three dental visits to complete the entire procedure. These teeth will look and feel like your natural teeth, and you can consume all the foods you wish to have.


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