The Impact of Hair Loss on Mental Health

Hair loss or alopecia is always a stressful and depressing experience for both sexes, but usually it’s more difficult for men. Hair loss has numerous possible causes that include underactive thyroid, genetics, medications taken for other health issues, or cancer treatments. Alopecia can be treated with a number of medications, information about which can be found on
For many of those who face thinning hair and baldness it can be very devastating. Almost every society worldwide associates gorgeous hair with good health, youth, virility, and beauty. Dealing with hair loss can be a serious challenge for a person living in such culture; many people feel that it’s their hair that makes them attractive and beautiful. Hair loss can be perceived as an abnormality or inability to meet the norms of physical appearance accepted in society.  That’s why many men turn to such medications as Propecia hoping that they can help them stop their hair from falling out.

Studies have discovered that psychiatric disorders are more common in patients suffering from alopecia than in general population, which suggests that they can be at an increased risk for developing anxiety disorder, serious depression, paranoid disorder, or social phobia. Researchers claim that those with alopecia have lower self-esteem, poorer body image, and poorer quality of life.

Regardless of the causes of hair loss, having the right attitude is an important factor helping cope with emotional aspects of baldness and thinning hair. Positive ways of coping with emotions and feelings provoked by hair loss include:

Turning to hairstylists to find the best hairstyle that will suit you and make you feel better.
Remembering that alopecia is not a life-threatening condition.
Focusing on the ways that can help you feel more positive about your appearance. Dressing nicer and starting exercising to look better might help, a man can grow a mustache or beard.
Realizing that the hair can grow back.
Getting help from a psychotherapist.

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