Good Health, Good Looks, Good Style are the three things, which is given utmost care by Men of all Ages. We start paying attention to all these only when some or any of these things fail. Amongst these is the Hair style, that which adds value to the looks. Baldness or Hair loss due to some reason or the other impacts our looks and we seriously look forward to alter them.

The treatment of Hair loss or baldness would be – Hair Implantation, or Hair restoration, which is a permanent cure for hair through transplantation of follicles from healthy patches to the areas of your hair, where hair is wading away. Healthy follicles are removed individually from the back or sides of the head. The count of grafts depends on the area being treated. For a usual surgery, the grafts will be in the range of one to three thousand.

Now we shall take a look at the procedure for Hair Transplants in India. It is a surgical process of removal of hair from the donor site and placing them on the hairless site.

Procedure or Steps for Hair Transplant:

There are two types of Hair transplant surgeries, like FUT/Strip Harvesting and FUE / Follicular Unit Extraction.

FUT / Strip Harvesting:-

In this method of transplant, the skin strips from the donor site with considerably good hair growth is removed and the follicular units are cut-off to create grafts for the hair transplant. In this method, it leaves a slim scar at the donor site.

FUE / Follicular Extraction:-

In this method of transplant, hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the hairless site. This might be a bit time consuming process, but by this method of transplant we can avoid any scars at the donor site.

FUE can be done in a single or several sittings and at the same time, we would also say that this method is the most Natural way of treating which leaves no scars in your head. The degree of invasion in FUE is less compared to FUT. Fur method of hair transplant is a most preferred one because, the area to receive the transplantation is anesthetized and the transplanted follicular units are placed in a triangular manner , thereby creating a natural look and stimulates effective  growth of hairs.

Here are the steps:

A micro-needle is used for the implantation of the follicular units into the scalp after which natural hair will be regrown.

  1. A local Anesthesia is given as a first step.
  2. Incisions are made in the balding area and the Follicular unit grafts are placed in the tiny incisions in irregular pattern of recipient area.
  3. The Grafts are placed according to their densities.
  4. Immediately after the surgery, the patient can see visibly hairs on the recipient area.

No scars are created and the redness on the scalp will vanish within a week’s time. Mostly patients are allowed to shampoo after two or three days, and the patient is given antibiotics for a few days after the surgery.

The patient can go home on the same day on completion of the Hair transplant surgery.

The transplanted hair grows up like natural hairs and will continue to do for a lifetime.

Costs of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant costs, is of course one of the crucial factor, before going in for surgery. This method of treatment can be looked at as an investment, because this is going to be one time procedure to alter looks and at the same time natural hair growth is going at happen as a permanent solution to Baldness. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is the most happening thing today in India.

Hair transplantation has become more affordable with time to time without compromising on quality. The costs in India are, ranging from Rs.40000/- onwards and depending on the number of grafts. In an average 2000 to 2500 grafts are placed.


Like all other surgeries, Hair transplant also has got its own risks and safety factors, Infections, Bleeding, inflammation. Antibiotics and compresses can relieve the problem. Talking to Doctor on all aspects of surgery and choosing the right place and surgeon, who is experienced in dealing with all these, make the Hair Transplant a success story of permanent solution for Baldness.

Hence we can sum up by saying that hair transplants are an Investment made, rather to look at it as expenditure. Here the Patient only Gains and there is no loss of money or hairs.

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