Five Habits You Do That Are Shortening Your Lifespan

Stop what you’re doing and think about how it could affect your life expectancy. Admittedly, many people often don’t think about what they’re doing. Moreover, how it can adversely affect their lifespan.

No doubt, everyone knows about bad habits. It’s likely many of you can recite them by heart. Although avoiding them is another matter altogether. Yet did you know your daily behavior can harm you as well? We highlight five habits you wouldn’t have thought can reduce the number of years you expected to live. Are you guilty of one or all of them?

You Stress About Finding Love

If you’ve been told not to go looking for love and to simply let it find you, follow the advice. As it turns out, stressing over the lack of love in your life can shorten your life by several months. However, love can’t find you if you stay at home all the time stressing over it. Hence, go out to meet people to give yourself a better chance to find someone and improve your life expectancy.

You Sit Around and Watch Too Much TV

While it’s tempting to sit comfortably and watch TV the whole day, it can also shorten your life. Apparently, every hour can cost you a little over 20 minutes. Imagine watching TV mindlessly for two hours and letting your life slip away. The risk doubles if you sit for over three hours daily.

You Only Meet with Your Friends Online

The ability to hook up with friends online is a great way to stay in touch. However, meeting with them face to face will benefit your health immensely. An actual hug from a friend can help stimulate your oxytocin. Plus, nothing can replace an actual shoulder to put your head on when you’re feeling low.

When the chance for a get-together in person arises, grab it. The connection can promote brain health. At the same time, gives more opportunities to take selfies.

You Deal with Too Much Traffic

Sitting in traffic for over an hour isn’t fun. Studies have shown people who regularly commute for more than 31 miles are less likely to take part in any health-related activity. Moreover, their stress levels are higher. Keep in mind high-stress levels can have an impact on your telomere length testing results.

To lessen your stress and avoid traffic, try to leave earlier to avoid the rush. Starting the day early also gives you time to get organized. Hence, you don’t feel hurried.

You Find Yourself in a Long Term Dry Spell

A dry spell can happen to anyone. However, in extreme situations, it can bring about side effects. You’re more susceptible to sickness. Bear in mind sex can help keep your immune system healthy. It can also bring happiness to your brain through the release of dopamine. Hence, a lack of it can result in a drop in your creativity. Extended periods of dry spells can increase the danger of premature death. The risk among men can go as high as 50{9da26cf3497ba2f013cbf96c05f61a8426bd3e4a1445057e38e82463f88bc8d5}.

Take the time to stop and think about your actions. Are you unwittingly shortening your lifespan?


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