Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be silently lurking in the background of any of us and may be all the more deadly as it may have hardly if any symptoms. Besides the regular use of medication, exercise has been proven time and again to reduce blood pressure. But the truth is, some exercises are better than others and some, such as weightlifting and scuba diving, perhaps should be avoided altogether. Here are a few activities that are known to help keep your blood pressure down while keeping your overall level of health up.


According to many experts, one of the best exercises you can do to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension is simply to walk. The great thing about walking is it requires no fancy equipment. It won’t cost you anything. You just put on your footwear and go. If you’re a little out of practice, just start small. Five minutes per day can soon add up little by little to half an hour or even an hour!

There are things you can incorporate into your everyday routine so that you walk a little farther too. Obviously taking a flight of stairs instead of the elevator will help. If you drive around, park just that bit farther away from your destination, so you have to walk a little.


Get yourself a bike. Cycling can be effective in reducing blood pressure too and is also an excellent way to get out and about. It’s a fantastic way to get an aerobic workout while seeing the sights. While cycling may cause the blood pressure to increase during the session, in the long term it will cause it to drop.


A dip in the pool isn’t just the ideal way to cool off; Swimming is also an excellent exercise for reducing blood pressure. Swimming has been noted as particularly beneficial for older people as it tends to be easier on the joints. At one-time swimming was considered somewhat on the risky side due to the changes to your cardiovascular system that result from being in cold water, but research now suggests that it’s every bit as good for you as a walk or bike ride.

In fact, research carried out in America published in the Journal of Hypertension showed that swimming might sometimes be as effective as medication. A 10-week study consisted of 18 participants with mild hypertension. Six didn’t exercise while the other 12 swam 45 minutes daily. By the end of the study not only had their heart rates dropped but so had their blood pressure while the non-exercising participants experienced no change.


Another fantastic exercise that has numerous health benefits including lowering high blood pressure is dancing. One of the most appealing things about this exercise is that you’re not even aware you’re exercising! Your mind becomes so absorbed in the enjoyment of the moment and the timing of your movement, the time just slips past. Before you know it, you’ll have burnt hundreds of calories. It’s been shown that a 150-pound adult will burn around 150 calories during a 30-minute social dance. You will also be working out your mind too as you learn and perfect new dance patterns and sequences. And when it comes to dancing, there are many different forms to try from ballroom to salsa. So for a great all-around workout, give dancing a go. It’s the ideal exercise for your mind and body.


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