Can Physiotherapy Help Children with Autism? Find Out Here

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experience difficulties with their motor skills and capabilities, which is in addition to the sensory, behavioural and social-emotional complications. Physiotherapy in Perth is proven effective in treating ASD. Even though autistic children attains gross motor milestones such as crawling, sitting and walking within the expected time, their movements might be stereotypical compared to others. Since these early motor skills are important for the development and refinement of other motor skills in the future, children with ASD can struggle with activities such as skipping, riding, hopping and balancing.

Difficulties faced by Children with ASD:

  • Delayed achievement of gross motor skills
  • Difficulty in catching, throwing, skipping, hopping,
  • Delay in learning new physical skills
  • Poor posture
  • Frequent falls or clumsiness
  • Toe walking

Benefits of Physiotherapy in Perth for Kids with Autism:

Kids with ASD working with a physiotherapist can gain several benefits. Here are some of them listed down below:

  • Required muscle tone, endurance and balance reactions through specific exercises recommended for the child is obtained
  • The much needed gross and fine motor skills are developed through the treatment.
  • Posture will be greatly improved
  • Breathing control and improved coordination is nurtured effectively
  • Any important skills required for involvement in sports and other physical activities is imparted by the physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy effectively deals with the misalignments present in the musculoskeletal system, including misalignments of ankle and foot.

Sensory feedback strategies are offered to make children with ASD aware of their movements and body postures.

Physiotherapy improves a Child’s Quality of Life:

Physiotherapy helps kids with ASD in improving their quality of life. The effects of ASD have a great impact on the quality of a child’s life, which is why physiotherapy can be helpful. Children with ASD find it hard to involve in gaming and outdoor activities, and attending Perth physiotherapy sessions can prove to be advantageous to them in this regard. Physiotherapists are equipped with the right skills to teach autistic children how to involve in fun activities and enjoy their lives.

When to seek help from a professional?

If you notice that your child is not developing the necessary motor skills, then you would need to deal with an experienced physical therapist soon. The sooner you start physiotherapy for autistic children, the better. Physiotherapists can even help children in making minor improvements in motor impairments, even before the diagnosis.

The effects of physiotherapy make both the child and their parents frustrated. Certified physiotherapists will teach parents, the adequate skills that are required to work with their child at home.

Physiotherapy is indeed a key ingredient in the treatment of ASD in children.  If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your child, consult with an expert physio in Perth, and discuss how they can use physiotherapy towards drastically enhancing the skills of your child.


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