6 Reasons Why Implants Are Better Than Dentures

People who have lost one or more of their teeth need to take steps to replace them as soon as possible. Other than improving your smile and confidence, it also helps to eradicate issues a tooth loss can have on your mouth. A missing tooth can cause changes in bite, shifting of the teeth and increase the chance of developing teeth decay and affect the structures surrounding the teeth.

Dental implants are a near permanent teeth replacement option that can restore the looks and the functions of your original teeth completely. However, some people hesitate to go choose it because the cost of dental implants in Sydney is higher. Another alternative for teeth implants are bridges. Though you can pay a lot lesser when compared to tooth implants cost in Sydney, they are not much recommended. Here are the reasons that make dental implants a better option,

Last longer

Dental implants are highly durable and if they are given proper attention, they can last a lifetime. Bridges on the other hand, require replacement once in every 10 years.


As bridges need more replacements they are not an effective long-term option. Though the dental implants cost in Sydney is higher, it can be long-lasting and is cost-effective eventually. One of the major drawbacks of dental implants is that it is not usually covered by dental insurance.  Still, you could claim at least a portion of the crown cost.

Preservation of oral health

Dental implants restore the entire functions of your natural teeth including the roots. Hence, there would be no risk of bone loss. But with bridges, bone and gum tissue loss is inevitable that can have negative effects on the neighbouring teeth.

Easy to maintain

To clean the bridges effectively, you might need a special kind of floss or dental tools so that the spaces underneath the pontics are kept plaque-free. Dental implants require special attention too. But they are cleaned just like your original teeth.


Nowadays, bridges can match the look of your natural teeth. But over the years, gaps that are formed beneath the pontics diminish the aesthetic result. In Dental implants, the crowns look exactly like your original teeth without any change.

Good for the adjacent teeth

The enamel of the neighbouring teeth is removed and they are stressed while placing bridges. And the tooth structures need to be removed every time your replace the bridge. This affects their health and over time they are damaged permanently. Dental implants do not place any additional forces on them and is the best for preserving the health of the mouth.

Thus, it is evident that Dental implants are way better option than the bridges.


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