6 Astonishing Facts about Wisdom Teeth

Most people know that wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that appear at the rear end of the teeth line.  Some of them are also aware of wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to problems such as pain and infection, for which patients have no other remedy but to remove the wisdom teeth with the help of a dentist.  However, there are certain facts about wisdom teeth that most of them are unaware about. Read on to know what they are:

  1. How did wisdom teeth get its name?  Wisdom teeth derived its name from the age during which it usually grows.  The third set of molars is usually referred to by people as wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth appear around the age of 17 to 25, which is best described as the age of wisdom. This is the reason why wisdom teeth are called so.
  1. Most wisdom teeth are usually removed. According to a survey, about 85 percent of wisdom teeth will have to be removed. One of the major reasons why this has to be done is because impacted wisdom teeth is usually difficult to reach, hard to clean, eventually leading to bacterial growth and infection.
  1. Wisdom teeth facilitate stem cell growth. A research conducted in the year 2008 found that pluripotent stem cells can be produced with the help of wisdom teeth.  This means, wisdom teeth can be preserved whenever there is a requirement for stem cells down the road.
  1. 9 out of 10 people have impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often becomes impacted when it doesn’t have sufficient a room for growth, and it enters your mouth fully.  When wisdom teeth get infected it will possibly damage the neighbouring teeth, thus creating infections in areas that are difficult to reach and clean. This is when cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is suggested.
  1. Some of them are born lacking wisdom teeth.  It’s been estimated that more than 35% of the people is born without wisdom teeth.  And the reason to this is not known to this day.  It is also particularly noted that in some parts of East Asia, most people are born without wisdom teeth.
  1. Diet can be a reason for impacted wisdom teeth. More wear on teeth were usually found among humans in the early age due to the fact that they usually consumed tough diet.   Over the years, diet has evolved to be a lot easier on teeth and dental care has advanced more than ever, however there isn’t enough room for third molars to grow.  When there isn’t enough space,   the tooth gets impacted, due to which it has to be removed surgically.

Now that you know some of the surprising facts on wisdom teeth, feel free to share it.  Also, remember that if you wisdom teeth is impacted, make sure you visit a dentist to get it resolved at the earliest time possible at a reasonable cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

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